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We want our patients to make informed decisions about their hearing loss. That’s why we have compiled an entire library of information on hearing aid devices, inner ear injuries, hearing disorders, and tips and tricks of living daily life with hearing loss symptoms.

Hearing Loss Quiz | Hear Again Hearing Aids in Corpus Christi
Hear Again Hearing Aids

Do you have hearing loss? Take our quiz. Do you… ☐ Have difficulty in understanding what is being said, unless you are directly facing the speaker? ☐ Find yourself complaining that people are mumbling or slurring their words? ☐ Continually ask people to repeat words or phrases, though they feel they’re speaking loud enough? ☐ Prefer the TV or radio louder than others do? ☐ Have difficulty understanding conversation within a group… Read More

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Hearing Loss | Hear Again Hearing Aids in Corpus Christi, TX
Hear Again Hearing Aids

Loss of hearing affects over 30 million Americans of all ages. Hearing loss can range from being very mild in nature, resulting in not hearing faint, high pitched sounds or voices, to impairment that is so severe very loud noises may not be detected. As with most other health problems, early detection allows for more effective intervention. In some cases, hearing loss is medically treatable… Read More

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Adjusting to Your New Hearing Aids May Take Some Time
Hear Again Hearing Aids

When you first wore your new hearing aids, you were amazed at all the sounds you could hear. You were sure you had made the right decision and that life was just going to keep getting better. However, a few days later, things weren’t so great. Your hearing aids started to bother you—some sounds were too loud, others not loud enough. At the end of… Read More

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Why It Is Important to Have Your Hearing Tested
Hear Again Hearing Aids

https://video.fosterwebmarketing.com/hearagain.com/httpdocs/evm/HAHA_Free_Easy_Online_h264_764x430.mp4 Many of us dutifully see our general practitioners for annual physicals because we know it’s important to be proactive about our health. We understand that with annual check-ups, medical problems can be caught early and treated before becoming a major health risk. But when it comes to our hearing, far too many of us fail to get regular screenings. As a result, hearing loss… Read More

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