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Has the ringing in your ears been driving you crazy for months—or even years? Are you unable to sleep through the night due to the constant crackling or buzzing that nobody else can hear? You could be one of the millions of Americans living with the daily annoyance of tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing in the ears that makes it hard to sleep, concentrate, and live your life to the fullest.

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At Hear Again Hearing Aids, we believe that the key to treating hearing problems is to have as much information as possible. That is why we offer a downloadable resource specifically for patients coping with tinnitus. In our guide, patients can get the facts about this common condition, including:

  • What causes tinnitus?
  • Is tinnitus reversible?
  • What makes tinnitus symptoms worse?
  • How can a hearing evaluation reduce head noise?
  • How can I ease my tinnitus to sleep better at night?
  • Are there special hearing devices for people with tinnitus?
  • Why is tinnitus worse in silent conditions?
  • Why does stress aggravate tinnitus?

In addition to helping you learn more about tinnitus, our brochure offers stress management tips and relaxation exercises to ease your symptoms, making it easier for you to cope with persistent head noise. If you are having trouble sleeping, we also offer advice on improving sleep quality and making it easier for patients with tinnitus to go to bed each night.

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