It May Take a Little Time Before You Enjoy the Full Benefits of Your Hearing Aids

When you first wore your new hearing aids, you were amazed at all the sounds you could hear. You were sure you had made the right decision and that life was just going to keep getting better. You will be delighted with your new hearing aids after a reasonable period of adjustmentHowever, a few days later, things weren’t so great. Your hearing aids started to bother you—some sounds were too loud, others not loud enough. At the end of the day, you were exhausted by the effort. Why is this happening? Is something wrong with your hearing aids, or are they just not the answer for you?

Everyone Will Experience an Adjustment Period With New Hearing Aids

Trust us—you are not alone in your frustrations. The reality is, everybody needs some time to adjust to hearing aids. After all, you lost your hearing gradually over time and adjusting to hearing all those sounds again will also take some time. For some people, it may take up to four months to become completely comfortable with their hearing aids, but most people adjust in just two to three weeks. If you don’t wear your hearing aids, however, you will never get comfortable with them.

What to Expect as You Adjust to Your Hearing Aids

Not only will you need time to adjust to the change in your hearing, but you will need time to get used to the devices themselves. Although today’s hearing aids are smaller and more comfortable than ever, these devices are still something new and will require patience.

Some things you will have to learn include:

  • Inserting and removing the hearing aids from your ears
  • Adjusting the volume
  • Cleaning your hearing aids daily
  • Opening and closing the battery door
  • Changing the battery

With time and patience, all of these things will become second nature. Always remember that the hearing care professionals at Hear Again Hearing Aids are available to help whenever you need it.

Some new hearing aid wearers are surprised—and not always pleasantly—by the sounds they can now hear. Along with birds singing in the morning, you will also hear the buzz of the refrigerator. Some sounds it will take time to adjust to include:

  • Your own voice. With hearing aids, your own voice will sound different to you. Some wearers report it sounds like they are talking in a barrel. This should be temporary, but if it doesn’t go away, return to Hear Again for an adjustment.
  • Environmental noise. There are a lot of sounds out there that you haven’t heard in a long time. Your brain will have to learn how to prioritize these sounds and filter out what you don’t need to hear. This will take time and, in the meantime, you may feel like everything is too loud. Take a break from your hearing aids when it gets to be too much.
  • Various pitches of sound. As you are reintroduced to the entire sound spectrum, some of the noise will seem too loud and may be difficult to tolerate. Allowing time for your brain to process the various sounds will help you adjust more quickly.

Once you made the decision to get hearing aids, you may have expected that your hearing would be fixed overnight. Understanding what to expect will go a long way towards a successful transition to hearing aids.

Tips for Adjusting to Your Hearing Aids

At Hear Again Hearing Aids, we will make sure you understand what it takes to adjust to your hearing aids so that you are not surprised or disappointed. We often advise our clients to follow these principles as they adjust to their hearing aids:

  • Acceptance. If you get hearing aids before you have truly accepted your hearing loss, you may not be willing to take the time to adjust to them and may give up before experiencing any benefits. It is important that you accept your hearing loss and commit to better hearing.
  • Positive attitude. A desire to learn and a determination to hear better will be a tremendous help to you as you deal with some of the early frustrations caused by hearing aids.
  • Education. Understanding how your devices work, how to care for them, and why it takes time for your brain to adjust will go a long way towards success with your hearing aids.
  • Realistic expectations. Knowing that you cannot expect perfection right away will allow you to put in the effort it will take to make the most out of your hearing aids.
  • Practice and patience. Taking the time to practice caring for your hearing aids and having the patience to keep trying even when things go wrong will ensure a successful adjustment to wearing hearing aids.

We Are Committed to Helping You Adjust

We know how difficult the adjustment to hearing aids is for some patients, and we are here to help you during the transition. You will not be alone in your journey to better hearing.

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