Hearing Loss Often Leads to Problems at Work and Can Cause Early Retirement

Finding and keeping a well-paying job is hard enough in the current economy, but the difficulties increase significantly in patients with hearing loss. People of all ages and of all walks of life suffer from hearing disabilities, and both young and old patients often experience problems at work as their hearing loss increases.

A hearing impairment can affect an employee’s ability to earning a living by affecting:

  • Work relationships. Communication between coworkers and managers is necessary in any job. An inability or avoidance of speaking one-on-one with peers, supervisors, and the public can affect working relationships or even employment status.
  • Sick days. Working with a hearing impairment can make a person feel as if she is doing her regular job while carrying a heavy weight. It requires extra energy to cope with the effects of your condition, leading to increased stress and more frequent “burn outs” that result in increased sick days to recuperate.
  • Productivity. Hearing problems can increase an employee’s workload and hinder the rate at which he or she is able to complete tasks. For example, an employee may make mistakes transcribing phone messages or ask others to double-check the accuracy of spoken communication, affecting job performance rates.
  • Pay rates. A drop in productivity can call into question a worker’s pay rate and employment, especially if the hearing condition affects her ability to do her job well. Many people have lost jobs due to hearing loss because they were afraid to discuss the condition with their employers.
  • Retirement dates. Many highly-qualified hearing-impaired workers retire early due to the stress of their positions, causing a loss of independence and stable income, as well as an increased dependence on social programs and family members.

A Hearing Aid Makes It Easier for You to Keep Working

Workers have a right under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to request reasonable accommodations from their employers. Unfortunately, many workers are afraid to ask for special treatment—and still more are unwilling to discuss their hearing loss openly.

Employees can often overcome the stress and impairment of a hearing condition by choosing a hearing aid that is compatible with their work environment and lifestyle. At Hear Again, we offer a free hearing screening to patients and families near Corpus Christi, helping them to find the right hearing solution as easily as possible. Call us today (361) 232-4392 to make an appointment or learn more about our testing procedures.

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