How long can I expect my hearing aid to last?

Now that you are happily wearing the perfect hearing aids for you, you probably know more about hearing aid technology than you ever thought you would. As you selected the features you wanted and learned about how to properly care for your new device, you realized that today’s hearing aids really are tiny technological marvels and are also rather delicate. For these reasons, hearing aids cannot be expected to last forever. In most cases, hearing aids will last from three to five years. Where your devices fall in that range is mostly up to you.

How to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids really are delicate devices. The inner workings contain the smallest and most finely-tuned sound systems in use in any technology in the world. To make the devices as light and comfortable as possible, these electronics are housed in very thin plastic casings. With time, these parts wear down and eventually stop working. Exposure to grit and moisture can speed up the decline, so it is very important to keep them as clean and dry as possible.

Taking the time to do the following each night can extend the life of your hearing aids:

  • Clean off wax build-up with a small brush or wax pick.
  • Remove the ear mold from the hook and clean it with soapy water.
  • Open the battery compartment, remove batteries, and brush out any debris.
  • Wipe the entire device to remove dirt and moisture.
  • Consider using a dehumidifier to remove moisture at the end of each day.

Be thorough but gentle with your cleaning routine and always use the tools provided by your hearing care professional. Using protective sleeves when exercising or around water can also extend the life of hearing aids.

Do You Really Want an Old Hearing Aid?

Even if you are able to extend the life of your hearing aid with proper care, you might want to consider replacing it to take advantage of new and better technology. New hearing aids with new features are being released every year. Along with allowing you to hear better, newer models offer compatibility with your smart phone, better water resistance, and a more comfortable fit. Also, most people with hearing loss find that their hearing continues to get worse over time. The hearing aid that worked so well for you initially may not be the best choice as your hearing changes.

We Will Work With You

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