Ruben Cavazos
Hearing Aid Specialist

Ruben Cavazos is a Hearing Instrument Specialist licensed by the State of Texas and works and lives in Corpus Christi with his wife and four children.  He is a graduate of both Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and Kingsville.  He is a native Texan, a former coach and strength and conditioning specialist, and spends his spare time helping his kids and other prospective college athletes pursue their sports endeavors.  Ruben has been fitting and dispensing hearing aids for over 4 years at the Corpus Christi clinic and actively keeps up to date in the field of hearing aid technology through continuing education.   He has a high level ability to adjust to the rapid advancement of hearing instruments which allows him to fit many styles, types, and manufacturer brands.  He believes individual requirements of a patient, including hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget, should always come first when recommending the right hearing aid.  His extensive knowledge, skill, and proven interview process, allows him to effectively identify the level of technology that would most improve the quality of life of his patients.  Ruben provides exceptional service after the initial fit of the instruments by appropriately programming and adjusting the hearing aids to specific needs.