Let Our Corpus Christi Hearing Professionals Improve Your Hearing

Hear Again is a full service audiology and hearing aid office. Most of our in office services are offered as a no charge courtesy to our existing patients or patients seeking information about hearing aids.

The specialists and staff at Hear Again take a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and correcting hearing loss in our patients. Find out more about the services we offer, including hearing testing evaluations, hearing aid device selection, tinnitus correction, and device repair and maintenance.

Our Services

  • Hearing Consultation and Examinations
  • 100% Digital Hearing Aids
  • Stylish and Discreet Hearing Aids
  • On Site Maintenance and Repairs
  • Hearing Aid Cleanings
  • Custom Swim Plugs
  • Custom Musician Plugs
  • Hearing Aid batteries and other accessories

Hearing ConsultationHearing Consultation

Many people spend years suffering through the early stages of hearing loss, missing the little details that make life worth living. We are proud to offer a free hearing examination to all members of the public, helping them to understand their conditions rather than fear them. Come into Hear Again Hearing Aids to discuss your hearing loss and possible correction with a licensed audiologist today!

Hearing Aid DevicesHearing Aid Devices

There are so many choices to consider when buying a hearing aid. Fortunately, the hearing providers at Hear Again perform comprehensive testing to help determine which device is best for your type of hearing loss, then work with your budget to help you afford the most discreet and user-friendly device you want. Visit our hearing aid devices page to learn more about your hearing correction options.

Hearing Aid RepairHearing Aid Repair

At Hear Again Hearing Aids, we perform regular cleaning services and maintenance checks on all devices to keep your hearing aid delivering the best possible sound. If your device has stopped working, we can perform repairs right in our office, allowing you to get back to hearing clearly as soon as possible.

Tinnitus Evaluation and ReliefTinnitus Evaluation and Relief

Patients with mild to moderate hearing loss may experience tinnitus, or a ringing in the ears. While the condition is usually not painful, it can be extremely distracting, causing frustration and lost concentration. At Hear Again Hearing Aids, we can determine what’s causing your tinnitus and find the treatment that will give you freedom from irritating head noise.