Enjoy Your Summer Activities While Protecting Your Hearing Aids

With the summer months come many fun and adventurous opportunities in the outdoors. Concerts move to open-air venues, hiking and biking paths become well-worn, and pools everywhere fill up with swimmers of all ages. It is an active and enjoyable time of year, but individuals with hearing aids should take care to make sure their devices are protected from the unique dangers of warm weather. Learn more about how to ensure the continued function of your hearing aids here.

Tips to Protect Your Hearing Aids During Warm Weather Activities

In the warmer months, it is necessary to take extra care when it comes to your hearing aids so they aren’t damaged by the elements or your activities. Some key risks include:

  • Sunscreen. Sunscreens contain chemicals and oils that can damage hearing aids. When applying sunscreen, be sure to avoid the area near your devices, and make sure your hands are clean of the sunscreen when you handle the hearing aids.
  • Concerts. It is important that anyone attending a concert take steps to protect his or her hearing. Research shows that hearing can be damaged at just one loud event. For those who already suffer from hearing loss and use hearing aids, it may be a good idea to leave your hearing aids behind. Music is typically very loud at a concert, so you may not need your device to hear the music—and you avoid the risk that the high volume could damage your hearing aid.
  • Swimming. First, it is important to know whether your aids are waterproof or water resistant. Waterproof devices can safely be submerged in water, while water-resistant hearing aids will sustain damage during swimming. If you’re unsure which type you have, play it safe and take them out.
  • Perspiration. Sweat can be just as damaging as water. While a minimal amount of perspiration will not damage your hearing aids, you may want to consider removing them if you will be working out or engaging in physical activity where you will sweat more than normal. If you are outside and need to wear them, try to keep you exercise lighter or time it so it will occur during the coolest part of the day.
  • Humidity. In some places, humidity during the summer can be extreme. If you are in a very humid area, wipe your hearing aids off regularly with cotton. At night, take the batteries out and leave the hearing aids open so they can dry out.

Your hearing aids don’t have to hold you back from enjoying all the exciting events that make up a typical summer. With a small amount of care you can protect your hearing aids and still have a full experience. If you have questions or want to learn more about hearing aids or hearing loss, take a moment and make an appointment to visit the audiologists at Hear Again. Call our Corpus Christi office at (361) 854-2500.

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